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Applications´╝ÜWave-dissipating work for high-wave locations


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Through an anchor-type shape, the Dolos has super excellent stability against waves due to its interlocking between blocks.

1. High wave-dissipating performance

Dolos wave-dissipating works maintain large surface roughness and suitable porosity. They allow the reduction of wave pressure on the breakwater, wave run up, and wave reflection.

2.High stability

Combining two anchors forms shape of a single Dolos. Dolos wave-dissipating work realizes high stability due to the interlocking of blocks caused by such an anchor-like shape.

3.Superior ecomomy

High stability of Dolos enable required mass against waves to be reduced up to a half of other conventional blocks. Therefore, the machinery for transport and installation can be reduced in size. Moreover, the high porosity of Dolos wave-dissipating works makes the total number of blocks fewer. Due to the characteristic above, Dolos wave-dissipating works indicate superior economy.


Wave-dissipating work for high-wave locations

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